Saturday, January 23, 2010

Man, oh, man! The last three/four days have been long!

On Tuesday evening, my daughters and I and a friend went to see "The Lion King". AMAZING!!! The costumes, the music, the colors. Just beautiful! The logistics of it all just astound me!

Wednesday, the freezing rain began. We thought we were going to keep our electricity because when we went to bed on Wednesday night, we still had it. Ah, wishful thinking. At midnight, off it went! My husband spent Thursday moving the generator from the house and barns to the hog building, trying to keep things feed and watered and us warm! It wasn't looking good to get the electricity back any time soon, but it came back on at midnight Friday morning. Yeah! Or so we thought!!

We had to run to town and take a vehicle to my son since his needed to go into the shop and when we got back home, it promptly went back off! Thankfully, it was only off for about 3 hours. It flickered quite a bit during the evening though and blinked completely off a couple of times. Today has been quiet and we have everything up and running again. Other parts of Iowa are still struggling and wind is intense. Thankfully, the temps came up enough to melt the ice off of our trees and power lines, but the wind is really blowing and we're getting rain now.

Here are a few pics of the ice.

The above picture was actually earlier in the week. The hoarfrost was amazing! I'd never seen it so long before.

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