Sunday, January 17, 2010

I forgot to mention the big blessing we received yesterday. By the time we got to our knitting workshop, we (S and I) were already pretty frazzled and very hungry! We did not get supper the night before, just had snacks at the bridal shower and then ended up missing out on breakfast before we had to leave. I had plans to just run through McDonald's (wow, healthy!) on our way, but we were running to far behind. the end of our workshop, one of the mom's brought us a casserole for supper that was still warm. She went home during the workshop and made it for us. Now, maybe to most people that wouldn't be very remarkable. However, this lady has 10 (possibly 11, I've lost count) children under the age of 14 and three of them were with me learning to knit!!!!

I've been involved in a couple of conversations on Rav in the past 2 months about large families, submissive wives, etc., and this lady is a wonderful example of how it works! Despite the busyness of her own home, she thought about me and mine, knowing full-well that it's only myself, hubby, and S and that S is quite capable of filling in when I'm tired, etc., but that didn't stop her from being a blessing to us.

So, please, don't tell me that women who choose to open their womb to God are somehow selfish and/or ignorant and/or downtrodden. That may be the case in about 1-2% of the women that make this choice, but of all the women I know, it's certainly not the case. These are happy, contented women, finding joy in being a blessing to their own families and to the many that they come in contact with everyday! Oh, and by the way, her daughters are going to be great knitters!!

Today is a day to relax and watch some snowboarding and figure skating while I finish one knitting project and begin my first Alan Dart project! Fun stuff!!

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naveen said...

thats nice, those who believe in god they always receive great blessings