Thursday, January 06, 2011

Having all adult children now, 2 of which are married, I just can't wrap my head around the idea that some folks believe that having adult children is easier!

Physically, of course, it's far less demanding, but spiritually and emotionally, no way! I think about the challenges that hubby and I have faced over the years and I can't imagine my kids having to go through some of that heartache and pain. I get excited when I think about their joys to come, but there is always struggle alongside the joy.

In many ways, life is a bit easier. Logistics are simpler. I get the house to myself more often and the mess stays at a minimum. Those are all pluses. prayer list has grown exponentially!

It makes me sad that some people seem to just turn their parenting off when their children reach 18. I don't believe we need to be in their business (especially after they're married, unless asked), but I do believe we need to be paying attention and covering them in prayer. If their parents won't, who will. This world is filled with landmines and booby traps! We need to be praying them through it, guiding them gently with words of wisdom born from years of trying to avoid them ourselves and often getting burned in the process.

Raising children isn't for the faint of heart and it shouldn't be an 18 and out policy. These children (and the two new ones who've joined our family) need my prayers, they need my love, my support, and any wisdom that I've gleaned over the years. I hope and pray that more parents would see their need to be doing the same for their adult children.

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