Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 11/Month 11...November  (Sorry I'm late again, we had a very busy day yesterday!)

The month began with the most anticipated wedding I'd experienced since my kids got married.  M & B's wedding day was here!  The weather was beautiful and the wedding was amazing!!

I wish I could describe the blessing that this family is to me, but there are no words to express it!  I have seen God move in a powerful way and it has been amazing!  I have no pictures from inside the wedding, I was crying from joy and just taking it in.  He serenaded her with a song and then they all did a unity sand art thingy.  Each of them had their own colored sand, the boys included, and it was just beyond words what it did to my heart as I watched them unite all four of their lives together.  It still overwhelms me!

A few days later, my mom celebrated her 65th birthday!  We enjoyed a night out at for steak.

This is actually from our family Christmas the other day, she's the most beautiful woman in the world!  I love you, Mom!

We spent Thanksgiving Day at L & S's.  Here's Mommy & Baby, sitting on "Small Baby".  

Her first Thanksgiving meal with a big hit!

The following Saturday we had Thanksgiving at J & D's.  E loved her big cousin!

Enjoying some downtime with Great-Great Grandma!!  

Such a beauty!!

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