Friday, December 14, 2012

Day/Month 2 of my 12 days letter!  Welcome back!  I wasn't sure if I was going to like doing it this way, but I am actually enjoying thinking back on the year and figuring out how to share it with my family and friends.

So, February 2012.  What can you say about February in Iowa??  Cold and dreary.  Yup.  But, thankfully, compared to many years before, February wasn't so bad in the weather area.

Because E was born right before Christmas, we didn't really celebrate as a family, so we did that the first weekend of February.  Instead of Christmas candy in their stockings, everyone got Valentine's day candy!  The kids seem to think we should now celebrate Christmas at different times of the year so that they can get different candy each time!  I'm not so sure about that, but it's a fun idea!

Our Valentine candy for Christmas (with a few Christmas candies I picked up before I went to Springfield).

She wasn't too sure about Uncle J putting her in the pile!

I began a tradition a couple of years ago of getting the girls all matching bags from Vera Bradley.  The style is the same, but we each get a different color pattern.  E got her first one last year!

So, other than having Christmas in February, the month was pretty normal.  E continued to delight us.  She is a very expressive little person and having her around just takes away any bad mood that might be niggling at you!  

At the end of the month, one fun thing happened.  Hubby and I took a road trip to Mason City and just as we hit Iowa Falls, we literally ran into a mini-blizzard.  Not thinking much of it, we pulled out into the main street (doing a left turn) and the street had gotten so slick, we did a 360 in front of a semi and a few other vehicles.  After the initial shock and gratitude for not getting hit, we had a really good laugh!!

Hope to see you here for March tomorrow! 

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