Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 7/Month 7 July

Oh my goodness, July was one crazy month!

We started the month with our family reunion.  Always a lot of fun to get to see people from Hubby's side of the family.  It was a pretty hot day, but the food and conversation were wonderful!

On the 4th of July, I walked in the parade for my friend, L, who was running for County Auditor.  It was another hot one, but the parade went quickly and we had a good time!  The rest of the day we spent quietly, had supper with the K's and then headed home, didn't even partake of the fireworks this year.

The weekend of the 14th, we had wonderful news!  My friend, M, whose husband had died so tragically about 1 1/2 years earlier, was engaged!  She and her fiance came out to share the wonderful news!!  What a blessing!

Our joy over their impending marriage was a bit overshadowed later in the week by the sad news that my sister's baby was much sicker than we thought.  We had another visit to the pediatric cardiologist and after nearly an hour long ultrasound, he gave us the scary news that her heart was very, very sick.  It shook us to the core.  We had had such high hopes, but now they seemed dashed.  He promised to not only consult with the others in his practice, but to send the pictures to several other specialists around the country to see what they thought could be done.  A few days later, while we were shopping with M for wedding dresses, L called to say that they were going to put her on heart medication and that maybe that would be enough to make her little one stay in the womb as long as possible.  Life is often so unpredictable and while we have joy, we often have sorrow.  At least now, we had a little more hope again.  We were determined to continue to fight for her little one!

We walked in the Jasper Co. Fair Parade a few days later, again for my friend, L.  Oh boy, it was a hot one!!  It was so hot that not very many people came out to watch, which is really unusual for the fair parade.

Another dr's appointment later in the week for the baby was not very encouraging, but we clung to hope.....

We got L & S moved into their new home that same day after having laid a new wood floor the previous weekend.

Hubby and I celebrated our 25th anniversary the last weekend of July.  The day was rainy and dreary.  I finished up a shawl I was knitting to take to the State Fair.  It had to be at the fairgrounds that evening by 5, so we headed up early and then enjoyed a meal at Lonestar.  Hubby was not feeling all that well, had asked for tums on the way up, but seemed fine the rest of the evening.  However, about 11:00 that night, he was pacing.  He'd done this before and I was pretty sure it was his gallbladder as he seemed to be having much the same pain and symptoms as I had had 22 years ago.  By 1:00, he was in excruciating pain and we made the decision to go to the hospital!  He was finally diagnosed around 7:00 am and admitted into the hospital because they thought he had a blocked duct and since he wasn't a great emergency, they wouldn't do anything til Monday, but he was so exhausted and miserable by that time, it just made sense to stay.  He ended up having his gallbladder out late Tuesday afternoon.  We were able to come home later that evening.

Working on learning to crawl

Visiting Gpa at the hospital

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