Thursday, December 16, 2004

Born again...

There has been quite a discussion on KR about being born again and what that means. I hope that I concisely explained it. I use to think that it was some crazy idea that wacked-out people believed, but after coming to know the Lord personally, it makes perfect sense. "The old is gone, the new is come". The old me died, the new me had rebirth through Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

For quite a few years now (at least 15), I've been making Christmas stockings on my knitting machine for several families. When their families grew, they called me and asked me to make more. Well, I knew that one of these days, the machine would give out and it seems that we have reached that point. Actually, the machine is working okay, it's the computer that has decided to act up. It will only knit every row of the design, but only on every other row. I think it's in the switches, my husband thinks it's in the connections-he's probably right, he knows more about that stuff than me. So, I had to call everyone today and tell them that they'll have to wait. I can still knit the stockings on the machine, I'll just have to duplicate stitch the designs and names in. I don't mind doing that, I like to duplicate stitch and that's something I can do a little bit at a time. I really do hate disappointing people, though. I'm a people pleaser and this doesn't fit into my plan! But, it did free me up. I was beginning to feel pressure and I have a women's ministry thing to prepare for this Saturday, so it really is a blessing.

I still have two scarves to finish and at least get my mom's socks on the needles. She's always pretty patient. Thankfully! I ended up spending most of today making Bible bookmarks with several ribbons in them to go in the gift bags for our ladies brunch. My best friend came out and helped and we got a chance to chat!!

Hubby got called away on a load late this afternoon, so I have all evening to finish the bookmarks, work on my blog, maybe knit a couple of those stockings, and relax.

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