Sunday, December 19, 2004

I did it...

With many thanks to RosebyAny, I think I'm starting to get this!! It's pretty cool! I guess I'll go public now!

Isn't my puppy gorgeous! She's half golden lab, half gordan setter, smart as all get out, and the most expressive dog I've ever had. She'll be two in February and we love her dearly.

This morning sermon got me to thinking. People always ask how we can believe/know that the Word of God is true. Well, it's like the story in Luke 2. One angel comes to tell the shepherds about the birth of Jesus, then a multitude appear to affirm the testimony of the one. Then the shepherds search for the truth, find the child, accept the truth and go away changed! They return to their job as shepherds, but they are changed-they testify, they praise God, and they glorify Him. That's what happens when we accept the truth of Jesus Christ-the multitudes of believers, past and present, testify to the truth-they were changed and when I believed, I was changed!

Well, I've played around long enough, I'd better get the other 6 stockings done on the machine that I need to do so that I can find my dining room table again!

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KnitnMom said...

Glad to find you online! I've added you to my links and I look forward to reading more of your posts!
Blessings, Amy