Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'm getting there...

Hubby had to get up early (5:00 am) for a load this morning, so I decided to stay up and get a few things done. I got my neice's Maverick scarf done. Thank goodness! I didn't particularly enjoy knitting it, but I know that she'll love it-it's done in her school colors. I was also able to make headway on the Boa Cardinal scarf. I want to get that one done so that I can get to my Pastor's wife's scarf-a fun, fluffy, colorful scarf to go with her new black coat.

Everyone is somewhat grumpy around here. It's very cold (4 below) this morning and everyone keeps forgetting things or neglecting things. I don't like it when we spend so much time snapping at each other. I'm still waiting for the results of my recheck pap from last Monday. It's been 9 days, I hope I hear today. I'm not worried about it, it's just that it's one more thing on my mind.

Back to work!

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Amie said...

All your pictures look great! Congrats on getting things finished!

You can post more than one picture by putting "||" at the end of the publish section in Hello. It can be the only thing in the box or the last thing, but it will tell Hello to hold the picture in cue until you give it a picture without || and then it will post them all together.