Saturday, December 04, 2004

Catching up!

Let's see, politics...

I'm so glad the election is over. I am amazed at the liberals lack of understanding and that they really believe that they can just start saying "moral" things and are quoting Scripture and that we will be so gullible, we'll believe that they have really changed. Huh? That's how they lost the election. People are tired of the crap, tired of having their immorality crammed down our throats, thrust at us from everywhere. We're really beginning to see that good intentions don't really matter, results do. Throwing money at things doesn't do one thing to make positive changes, sometimes negatives have to happen in order to make positive happen and they couldn't possibly be involved in anything that might damage someones self-esteem!!

So, now we sit back and watch as President Bush does his thing. I'm so thankful that he's cleaning house!


We had an amazing Women's Retreat. Our first ever, hopefully there will be more. Women rededicated themselves to the Lord, are starting their own Bible studies, grew! How exciting to watch the Lord work, when we just follow His promptings and His timing, the results are entirely His!! I'm looking forward to our upcoming Ladies Christmas Brunch, praying that it will be a continuation of our retreat. I will be speaking on Mary treasuring up the things of Jesus in His heart and how she sat at His feet as He was crucified.


Wow! I've been knitting my fingers off. Unfortunately, none of it has been terribly challenging. Mitten ornaments for the tree, Christmas stockings, garter stitch scarves. I'm ready to get back to my baby sweaters (10 to make in the next 6 months). I'd also like to make a complex pair of mittens, make myself a cabled scarf, work on my socks, finish my shawl.

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