Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God is so good! It was not a hemorrhage, but some sort of stroke. He is responding and opening his eyes and that is truly miraculous!!!!!

Today has been a weird day. I haven't been motivated at all, despite the sunshine and warm temperatures. I mildly sprained my ankle last night and so moving around hasn't excited me. It's not terribly painful, just a bit uncomfortable when I move it funny. I have accomplished a bit of laundry, a smidge of knitting, and a raucous debate on Ravelry about being a submitted wife. That one wore me out.

The lady that I do Bible study with and counsel some is having another down turn and that is depressing me. I've tried reaching out to someone I thought could help, but I have not heard back. I know that God does not want her given up on, but those around her are wearing down.

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