Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We may not end up with quite as much snow as they were predicting! Woo Hoo!! Unfortunately, they are calling for very cold temperatures again this weekend. Only a short time until spring!

My darling son won a bet with hubby last night. Dad bet him that he couldn't scale the wall in the barn and open the loft door and get down a bale of hay. Dear son proved dad wrong and we got to go for pizza last night for supper! Afterwards, we came home and enjoyed our favorite disney movie "101 Dalmations". The kids used to watch it almost daily when they were little, and my son would watch it 3 times a day if I let him. It is still as wonderful as they remembered (and hubby and me, too!)

Today I'm hoping to get something done. I've been fighting a headache on and off for over 36 hours, but it might be nipped in the bud now, so I've got my desk to clean up (since dear son took my desktop computer to his room since hubby bought me a laptop). I need to work on laundry, cleaning the house, two baby sweaters, graph out a crochet project and a few other things. I guess I'd better get busy!

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