Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a weekend!!! Friday night ran late, then Saturday morning came quickly. I had to get up early for our last ladies breakfast in the format we've been using for years. We're excited about the new direction that it is going to take, going into our homes and opening them up and practicing hospitality.

After ladies breakfast we were off to the bank and post office, followed a short half hour and my "sister's" house. A trip to the local church to pick up my friend's angel food boxes (way cool ministry). We ran a couple of other errands, stopped for lunch, and then went to my nephew's and niece's birthday party for a short time and then headed to a friend's Longaberger party. We were able to stay there for an hour and then we were off again.

I was able to be home for about 45 min. before I had to leave again to get to my sister-in-laws. She had scored 2 free tickets to Third Day and invited me to go along. Since it was over an hour to get there, we had plenty of time to talk and catch up and it was wonderful.

The concert was great!! The first band was a young band from Australia called Revive. They were very good. The second band was DecembeRadio and they were awesome. The lead singer is a Tom Petty look-a-like, but a much better singer, in my estimation. They could really rock and I really enjoyed them. The third band was Sanctus Real. They were great, too. Finally, Third Day came on and we worshipped and rocked.

Despite the late night, it was a lot of fun and I'd do it again. Of course, Sunday morning came quickly! After church we celebrated mine, hubby's, and pops birthdays. The whole family was here and we had fun playing with the Wii. The boys got into boxing and mom and I bowled. She beat me three games in a row!!

The next few days look pretty quiet, so I'm hoping to catch up on my knitting. Ravelry had me pretty wrapped up a few days last week, but I'm hoping to avoid getting caught up in any ridiculous arguments. They just aren't going to understand until the Holy Spirit opens their minds and hearts to the truth of God's Word.
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