Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been struggling lately with a feeling of "dryness". I haven't been doing regular devotions and prayer time has been sporadic at best. I haven't been able to put my finger on it, other than the winter being long and always feeling so tired.

Yesterday I had to take hubby to Des Moines to pick up one of the semi's and I ran a couple of errands. I went to the Christian bookstore and was glancing around and saw Beth Moore's Get Out of the Pit 40 day devotional journal. I picked it up and looked through it. I've had the book on my shelf since it came out, but hadn't even looked through it. I decided to buy the journal and commit to reading the book and doing the journal work to kick start my alone time with God.

So, this morning I started reading the book. I've always thought about my "pits" in terms of sin, my inability to lose weight and even get focused on that, my prayerlessness, my laziness, and those are certainly things that help to keep me in a pit, but I discovered something else this morning...I've lost vision. Beth Moore says, "We become what the Bible calls stiff necked. The close confinement of a pit exhausts us with the endless echo of self-absorption. Visibility extends no further than six inches from our noses. We can't see out, so we turn our sights in. After a while, nearsightedness breeds hopelessness. We feel too buried in our present state to feel passionate about a promised future."

That is the perfect description of how I feel currently. Visionless, buried, nearsighted, self-absorbed. I'm looking forward to getting into this book and finding renewed vision.

Oh Lord, give me a passion and a strength that only come from you. Help me to see my way out of this pit I feel mired in. I know that You don't want me to stay here. Thank you for beginning to draw me out.

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