Saturday, January 08, 2005

100 things

The curtains are hung. It really changed the feel of the living room. I really like it! On the north and south end, I did red curtains, and the big east window is navy! It warmed the room up considerably!

Okay, I know that I'm behind, but I've been wanting to do the 100 things that you may or may not know about me, so here goes.

1. I have lived in the same town my entire 40 years.
2. I have an addiction to office supplies, particularly pens and notebooks.
3. I'm a clutz.
4. I grew up with El Forestero's and other hard-core bikers.
5. I know how to Mirror Glaze the spokes of Harley's.
6. My step-grandmother's mother was in the silent version of "Hunchback of Notre Dame".
7. I've seen tornadoes in the fields across the road from my home.
8. My first car was a red Chevy Chevette.
9. We once stuffed 9 people in the Chevette.
10. I rolled the Chevette.
11. I grew up next to a minimum security prison and had to deal with escapees a couple of times a year.
12. We then got a dog, half Missouri timber wolf/half German Shepherd. The escapees started going west after that.
13. I love Red Vine licorice, but it gives me a migraine.
14. My paternal grandfather died aboard the U.S.S. Indianapolis-the ship that delivered the atomic bomb.
15. My paternal step-grandfather built radar rooms on ships during WWII.
16. He also went on the search for Amelia Earhart.
17. My maternal grandfather survived polio.
18. My mom was a teenage mom.
19. My step-dad was killed on his motorcycle when I was 13.
20. I was blessed with salvation when I was 29.
21. I was blessed with a relationship with my dad a month later!
22. I love the mountains, but I live in a flat state.
23. I've always wanted to be a neo-natal intensive care nurse.
24. I love to read John Grisham books.
25. I love movies!!
26. I'm not particularly fond of cartoons!
27. I love to sing.
28. I'm great at developing bad habits.
29. I'm not good at developing good habits.
30. I grew up an only child.
31. I had a imaginary friend (actually I had several).
32. I used to pretend I was Morticia Adams.
33. I know attend Adams Family Reunions (on my husbands side).
34. I had a pet rock!!
35. I've seen Air Supply three times!
36. I've seen Adam Ant and Stray Cats!
37. I've always wanted to dress bohemian, but I'm only 4"11', so those flowing skirts just make me look shorter.
38. I love medieval history.
39. I love Russian history.
40. I love King Arthur.
41. I've been in Gallup, New Mexico during a gully washer.
42. I've been in Nevada during a sand storm.
43. My favorite colors growing up were orange and yellow.
44. I designed my own latchhook pillow. It had orange and yellow mushrooms on it.
45. I love "This Old House".
46. I hate doing the remodeling myself!
47. I use to be afraid of color. I love it now!
48. I have a natural blond streak in my hair.
49. I read "Seventeenth Summer" at least every other summer.
50. I like to spend my birthday in my jammies.
51. I've always wanted to go to New York City.
52. I enjoy the excitement of the city, but I love the country too.
53. My dream vacation is three months traveling England and Scotland in one of those little cars.
54. I want to walk where Jesus walked.
55. I use to sell Avon.
56. I use to sell Tupperware.
57. I have three children.
58. I love to talk.
59. I love to listen.
60. I love mushrooms.
61. I hate to cook.
62. I love to eat!
63. I need to diet!
64. I'm an excellent speller, but as I get older, I seem to be losing some of it.
65. I want to write a book.
66. I love figure skating (watching, not doing!)
67. For my 40th birthday, my mom got us tickets to Stars on Ice-right on the floor! I got some amazing photos!
68. I love Yahtzee.
69. My brain absorbs strange and often useless facts-unless you're playing Cranium or Trivial Pursuit!
70. I have the Princess Diana Bride Doll.
71. I love Rosemary Clooney.
72. I enjoy almost all kinds of music, except hip-hop and most of the junk being sold today.
73. When I'm feeling down, I love to get my hair done.
74. If I have a migraine, I love to have someone wash my hair.
75. I've had migraines since I was 17.
76. I've had my gall bladder out.
77. I've always had a cat or a dog and most times in my life, I've had both.
78. I've butchered a cow and a deer.
79. One of my first knitted projects was a sweater for a Cabbage Patch doll.
80. My grandma taught me to crochet in 3rd grade and I made my mom a scarf for Christmas.
81. I taught myself to needle tat.
82. I like to cross-stitch.
83. I went to see Jaws by myself when I was thirteen. Walking home was a scary proposition! It's now one of my favorite movies.
84. My parents took me to see "2001, A Space Odyssey" when I was five and I told them it was an x-rated movie. I haven't seen it since, nor do I want to.
85. I also saw "Solient (sp?) Green" when I was young and had horrible dreams for years!
86. I'm not a lacy, flowery kind of girl.
87. I love snowmen.
88. I really enjoy digital cameras! What a cool invention!
89. I think all men should age as wonderfully as Sean Connery.
90. I tend to be anxious and fearful! God's working on that with me.
91. I love the Bible!
92. I love my church!
93. I love serving other believer's in the body of Christ.
94. I desire to pass on my love for the Word of God, for it's relevance for everyone.
95. I want all people to come to a saving knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
96. I love that my daughter is so faithfully serving the church the way she does.
97. I pray that my other daughter will someday desire to do so, as well.
98. I love that God uses music to minister to our hearts.
99. I love that God reveals Himself to us through His Holy Spirit and His Word-that He shows us His character.
100. I love that He loves me and that He is helping me to love Him with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind!

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Great List!
Thanks for sharing it.