Monday, January 10, 2005

Didn't get much done today. Woke up fighting a migraine. Did pretty well for a few hours, even finished my John Grisham book, "The Last Juror". (I enjoyed it, I love how he keeps me on the edge of my seat!)

I tried knitting for awhile, but finally had to give up and take a nap. The headache is pretty much gone now, but I'm not tired and my husband is out on the highways that are quickly icing over again.

I started my baby boy sweater and had the ribbing done and then realized that I used the body needles for the rib-duh! That's what happens when I've had a headache, I don't think things through!

Our baby sheep are doing well. Hopefully we won't have anymore for another three weeks or so!

Probably won't be going anywhere for the next two days, maybe I'll get a lot done on my sweaters!

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