Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Why is rudeness such an accepted thing on the internet? Why do people feel like they can say whatever they want to say and to h*** with the person on the other end? Why is it, when you try to get people to see things from a different perspective, you get blasted and called names (like, troll)?

It really has shown me the level of immaturity in this world today. It has shown me the selfishness, the lack of manners and common courtesy. I've seen people very openly seek to hurt others. I've seen outright blasphemy, that which is spoken of in Revelation. I feel I'm seeing prophecy fulfilled. Someday, every knee shall bow.

I haven't gotten much knitting done. I started a fluffy scarf out of Happy and it feels like it will never end. Hopefully, I finish it up this morning and be able to get back to some of my other projects. I did start my swatches for the Master Knitter Level 1, but I don't think I like the yarn I chose, so off the needles it went!


KnitnMom said...

Dawn, I'm sorry you've had a bad experience! I think it is the relatively anonymity of the internet that makes people act in ways they never would IRL...or they would have very little friends. And, then there are places that generate a mob mentality - if you differ at all from the mob, then you are 'bad'. Frankly since looking into knitting on the net I've been appalled! I've quit going to quite a few forums and just focus on the blogs of people I enjoy! I'm disappointed I couldn't have made more friends in those places, but I'm delighted that I found people like you there!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am frequently disheartened at the amount of rude behaviour I see. I have two small kids and it feels like an uphill battle trying to raise them properly. For instance, the vast majority of adults scoff at my kids (ages 3 and 5) when they address them as Mrs/Ms. My kids get so confused.

I have noticed that you have been the subject of attacks (if not outright hatred) quite frequently. In fact, I get the impression that some seek to attack you - perhaps they have nothing more important to do.

I don't post as frequently and I stay away from the OT section. It isn't worth the bother to have a 'discussion' with such people. What makes me laugh is when a forum is described as a 'warm and safe community'. Ummm, yeah right. Some of the most rude and outrageous things I have ever read were on that forum. And not just in the OT section either. Quite honestly, I can think of much better ways to spend my time.

Nice blog by the way!

gabsmom (aka lara)

Agnes said...

Hi Dawn,
I am sorry to read this post. But I think either on the internet or in the real world, there are rude people abound. Some people just want to say something smart and what they say turn them into an smart-a** (pardon this expression ... don't know an appropriate subtitute). Very often, they just don't realize the recipients of their "smart" remarks have feelings. So, rant it when you think you have to and then you don't have to take them so seriously.
Have a nice day and happy knitting.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean...I used to enjoy KR but then the OT section...it was constantly getting me worked up, I can't help it, I am interested in politics!

My husband knew about what was going on, he told me to stop posting. That was a Friday. Over the weekend everything on the site went crazy...I feel I was constantly attacked & yet they said I was constantly attacking them!

I looked at the site on Monday & found I had been banned...what made me most angry was that I hadn't posted in 3 days, I think it was about 2 pages of posting where they were going on & on attacking me! And yet, no one said let's lock the topic or please stop...but I'm banned!

Needless to say, it still bothers me! I'm actually a pretty quiet sort of person...:)

Slightly on that topic...my town is having a knitting Meetup this weekend & I can't decide whether or not to go! Argh! I'd love to know knitters in my area...my husband will be deployed AGAIN & it would be nice to have someone nearby who I could knit with...but if they are anything like the people on the internet...sigh..

I also thought that all knitters would be sweeties! I also spin (well, I try!) and I thought all the people interested in these things MUST be nice...silly me!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to jump in here, but I just read Charlotte's comment about being banned from the KR forums. This is Clara, the KR forum mum, and I definitely didn't ban you. Please email me so we can figure out why you weren't able to get into the forums!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where I'm supposed to e-mail you...unfortunately, that topic isn't still on the site so I can't quote you but it was something like, I've been saying things that were constantly hurtful (even though I was the one being attacked) & I am now blocked from the site...after that I couldn't sign in...it was the Abortion topic...

God bless!

Dawn said...

"Reply author: Clara
Replied on: 08/01/2004 09:31:15

Publicly and repeatedly condemning the very soul of someone else's being goes beyond the basic rules of these forums. Dorcas, when I read your comments, I cannot help but feel they are too hurtful, divisive, and exclusionary for this community. This is not a pulpit or a stage, it is a place for respectful dialog, and this has not been respectful. I have permanently locked your profile and must humbly request you find another place to espouse your views.

Your friendly Knitter's Review publisher"

Sorry to jump in here, anyway, this is a direct quote from the Moral Issues thread. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...
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Anita said...

I agree with you. KR and the comments not related to knitting are really getting out of control. And it's not just discussion forums, but everywhere - news, blogs, comments, forums. Yikes! I've really begun to limit myself to what I read. I don't need all the rude and condemning comments in my life. Equal respect would be nice, but as the world strays farther and farther from the truth we are coming closer and closer to Christ's return. I'm going to fix my eyes on that.