Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Snow day!!!

Another lull before the final big push of the snowstorm. I was able to sneak into town for a few groceries yesterday, but besides that, I've been safely tucked in at home. We've had ice on and off since New Year's Day, now we'll have a foot of snow or more before it's all over tomorrow!

I've been able to finish several small projects, one being the lavender baby sweater. That's a good thing, since mom is in labor right now and had to drive to the big city through the storm-thankfully, there was a lull in the snow. Hopefully we'll have a new little one before the afternoon is done! I'm working on a scarf while we play our obligatory game of blizzard Monopoly. I'm hoping to start a baby sweater later today and my mom's socks.

I had to wind the yarn for those socks onto my ball winder this morning-what a pain. It took four of us to get it done! It kept tangling, then the ball winder kept winding it funky. I was quickly losing my patience, but we finally got it done. It's such a pretty yarn, it was disappointing to have the project start off that way.

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