Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration Day!

This time, I get to watch. 4 years ago, I was down with a horrible migraine and could only watch bits and pieces through squinted eyes.

I've been thinking about the question, "Is the country off on the wrong track" and I think that people answer "yes" for the same reasons I do-the left has hijacked our courts, our media, and our educational institutions. Until those things are wrested back from them, this country will be on the wrong track. The next four years provide hope!

I'm struggling to understand how we went from a republic that desired freedom, understood it's implications and the struggle that entailed to achieve it, to the definite beginnings of a socialist country. Everyone wants a handout, no one wants to take responsibility of their own actions, their own finances, their own families. Let the government do it. Huh? Since our history has been rewritten by liberal publishers and politically correct do-gooders, we've lost the danger of socialism/communism. Both are about power, both create a huge divide between the have and the have-nots. Why do we want that?

Knitting wise, I've been working on a couple of boa scarves. Boring, but they need to be done. They are actually quite pretty. I need to be making some beaded bags and finish up the two baby sweaters I'm working on. I'd like to have something a bit more challenging, but there just isn't time right now.


PJ said...

New to your blog...but I will respond to your post in a word: **PRECISELY!**
With my normal blog reading..I'm just shaking my head at the pure lack of respect, but I respect it's their blog and can say what they feel and I wouldn't comment out of respect. We've lost the values of...'if your don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all' My flag was proudly out and my husband is proudly over 'there' while I watched the Inauguration.

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with you, PJ. However, what is nice? Your standard? or mine? the church's?
BTW, our dear governor here in California certainly needs someone like you to teach him how to talk nice.

PJ said...

'Anonymous',...good point about 'what is nice?' What is 'nice' to me may not be 'nice' to someone else- that is very true! Just like many of the Kerry knitters out there may not find D's Ramblings post nice and may take offense, but you know what I mean-- some of the 'stuff' is just crossing the line (with bad taste language and deep division...just my opinion is counterproductive, but 'they' don't see that)
'D' I'm curious what kind of beaded bags are you making? I would love to experience making one of those vintage knitted bead bags with those 0000 needles!!! Just haven't taken the leap!