Saturday, January 29, 2005

Whew...time to breathe

Since Wednesday, it's been crazy! I only had time to post the prayer request (thanks to all for praying, she is feeling much better!) then it was off to our ladies Bible study, followed by lunch with my good friend and her daughter, then errands, a little time at home, then Wednesday evening Bible study.

Thursday was spent in the big city getting D.O.T. stuff taken care of and catching up on some shopping. Did a little stash enhancement, but it will quickly be knit into baby sweaters!

Friday morning was filled with phone calls, rearranging the bedroom, and blocking dd's poncho (picture to follow)!! Then, off to town for roller skating, followed by a trip to Linn Street Market (a year-round farmer's market that our family has a space at-I'll tell that story soon), then back home for a quick moment to get our scrapbooking stuff and then off to a workshop! Wow, I'm tired just reflecting on it. Anyway, I worked on some Valentine's cards at the workshop. I'm tatting hearts and using repositional glue and putting the hearts on the cards. After Valentines Day, they can take the heart off the card and put it on a mirror or frame it or whatever they want to do. I did this several years ago and it was a big hit, so I thought they would be fun to do this year.

Today, we're off to see "Mamma Mia" and have dinner with my mom. It's just a girls day, the boys will be home shearing sheep!! Our dear friend (who got us started in the sheep) had 5 sets of triplets yesterday-she was a busy lady!! Our lambs are due beginning Feb. 5, so we need to get the preliminary stuff done.

Obviously, with this crazy schedule, I haven't gotten a lot of knitting done, just a few rows on a sock I started for myself after finishing the other pair.

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KnitnMom said...

Dawn, My mom and I had a girl's night awhile ago and saw Mamma Mia - we loved it!! :) I hope you enjoy it too! Amy :)